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Credit: Alice Forbess

Classical Composition

“Oliver Weeks’s Nightlight for Alice weaves together a snatch of Bellini’s Norma and an old blues number into an increasingly glowering lullaby – strange but effective.” – Andrew Clements, The Guardian.

List of works


The white pond

Duration: 10’30″
Commission: Cambridge University Music Society
Premiere: 3rd December 2011; West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge; Cambridge University Music Society Symphony Orchestra; Harry Ogg (cond.)

Rogue’s March

Duration: 4’30″
Commission: London Philharmonic Orchestra – Brightsparks educational concert season 2009-10
Premiere: 10th November 2009; Royal Festival Hall, London; London Philharmonic Orchestra; David Angus (cond.)


Duration: 8′
Commission: City of London Sinfonia
Premiere: 25th March 2009; St. Andrew’s Church, Holborn, London; City of London Sinfonia; Rory MacDonald (cond.)


3(II=picc&descant rec, III=picc).3(II=descant rec, III=ca&treble rec). 3(III=bcl).3(II=treble rec, III=cbsn)- rhodes-strings
Duration: 13′
Commission: Royal Academy of Music
Premiere: 19th May 2006; Duke’s Hall, London; Orchestra of the Royal Academy of Music; Christopher Austin (cond.)


Viola solo-string orchestra (
Duration: 10′
Commission: Royal Academy Soloists
Premiere: 29th February 2003; Duke’s Hall, London; Royal Academy Soloists; Lydia Lowndes-Northcott (vla)


On a text by Jibanananda Das
tenor solo-2(II=picc).2.2.2-
Duration: 10′
Commission: Clare College Music Society
Premiere: November 2000; West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge; Clare College Orchestra; Martin Suckling (cond.)


Walking to the Sun (Incidental music)

Texts by Rabindranath Tagore & Moushumi Bhowmik
A collaboration with Moushumi Bhowmik
1 – War
2 – Dure kothay (text by Tagore)
3 – Remembering
4 – In the woods
5 – Amal’s dream
6 – The march
7 – Lullaby (Ghum aay) (text by Bhowmik)
Duration: 25′
Commission: Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai
Premiere: 10th August 2010; Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai; Moushumi Bhowmik (voice), Ben Hillyard, Sukanta Majumder & Composer (electronics), various musicians

The Rich Man Being Led to Hell

1(=picc&afl).1(=ca).2(I=Eb&bcl, II=bcl).1(=cbsn)-2.1(=Bbptpt).1.0-3perc-hp-pno-
Duration: 10′
Commission: London Philharmonic Orchestra
Premiere: 1st April 2009; Royal Festival Hall, London; London Philharmonic Orchestra; Clement Power (cond.)

Drumhead Mass
Duration: 4′
Commission: ‘Fresh: Young Musicians Platform’ series
Premiere: 9th June 2005; Purcell Room, London; Kreisler Ensemble; Matilda Hoffman (cond.)

Nightlight for Alice

Duration: 9′
Commission: ‘Maxwell Davies, a Musician of our Time’ festival, 2005
Premiere: 20th April 2005; Purcell Room, London; Endymion Ensemble; Patrick Bailey (cond.)

Headless Butterfly

Duration: 7′
Commission: Philharmonia Orchestra ‘Music of Today’ project, 2005
Premiere: 17th June 2004; Royal Festival Hall, London; player from the Philharmonia Orchestra; Clark Rundell (cond.)

Cracking Up

Duration: 5’30″
Commission: Commissioned for and released on the CD ‘9’, a sampler of Royal Academy of Music student composers.
Premiere: 7th March 2003; Duke’s Hall, London; Manson Ensemble; Simon Bainbridge (cond.)


Piano Trio No. 2

(Work in Progress)


Duration: 15′
Commission: Mercury Quartet for “Radar VII: focus on Romania”
Premiere: 24th September 2013; The Forge, Camden, London; The Mercury Quartet; Vlad Maistorovici (violin), Christian Elliot (cello), Antoine Françoise (piano), Harry Cameron-Penny (clarinets)

The Javelin Quodlibet

String Quartet
Duration: 10′
Commission: London Chamber Orchestra
Premiere cancelled – as yet unperformed

Piano Trio no. 1 (On the Move)

Piano Trio
Duration: 7′
Commission: Omaggio: Luciano Berio Festival, 2004
Premiere: 24rd April 2004; Duke’s Hall, London; Jan Rautio (piano), Mio Kobayashi (violin), Ken Ichinose (cello)

A Rainy Day on Bethnal Green

Horn Trio
Duration: 4’30″
Commission: A Royal Academy of Music workshop with Sir Peter Maxwell Davies.
Premiere: 6th February 2002; David Josefowitz Recital Hall, London; Richard Stroud (horn), Emily Steinitz (violin), Matthew Rickard (piano)

Solo Piano


Duration: 2’30″
Commission: The 2004 UK ‘postcard project’ – a call for works for solo piano, designed to fit onto a postcard
Premiere: September 2005; EPTA International Conference, Manchester; Kate Dixon (piano)

The Panther

Duration: 15′
Commission: Cheltenham Music Festival 2005
Premiere: 7th July 2005; St. Andrew’s Church, Cheltenham; Helen Reid (Piano)

Vocal Music


On a text by Tudor Arghezi
(Large Orchestra & 3 Contralto soloists – Work in Progress)

During Wind and Rain

On a text by Thomas Hardy
Voice and Piano
Duration: 5’45″
Completed 1st August 2013
(Awaiting Performance)

Sufletul Metalic al Oraşului

On a text by Nichita Stănescu
Countertenor solo-1(=picc.).0.1.1(=cbsn)-
Duration: 7′
Commission: Cambridge University Music Society
Premiere: 6th March 2012; West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge; Stephen Craigen (cond.), Oliver El-Holiby (Countertenor)


On a text by Stevie Smith
Mixed Choir
Duration: 10′
Premiere: March 2003; Marylebone Parish Church, London; BBC Singers


On a text by Philip Larkin
Soprano-guitar-piano-string trio
Duration: 5′

Jibon Jokhon Shukhaye Jay

On a text by Rabindranath Tagore
Mixed choir
Duration: 7′
Premiere: May 2001; Robinson College Chapel, Cambridge; Robinson College Chapel Choir; Composer (cond.)


On a text by Jibanananda Das
Alto solo-soprano sax-temple bells-vln-vla-vc
Duration: 5′
Premiere: 29th February 2000; Clare College Chapel, Cambridge; Composer (cond.), Vanessa Huntley (alto)

Wind Orchestra

The Call of Cthulhu

Duration: 12′
Commission: Cambridge University Music Society – educational concert season 2011-12
Premiere: 12th March 2012; West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge; Cambridge University Wind Orchestra; William Cole (cond.)


Jealous Guy (orchestral arrangements)

Jealous Guy (John Lennon)
Your Cheating Heart (Hank Williams)
Rinse it Out (Sam Swallow)
Voice-piano-1(=picc).2(II=ca).2(I=ebcl II=bcl).1-
Duration: 12′
Premiere: 25th March 2011; LSO St. Luke’s, London; Aurora Orchestra; Nicholas Collon (cond.), Sam Swallow (voice/piano)